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Memories are ageless..
Yet we acquire them as we age..
Early on.. they're not important..
But in the final stage..

We search for youth.. and comfort..
Nostalgia.. itself not bad..
But a fellow must not linger..
When he's no longer a young lad..

But.. Oh... the satisfactions.. 
To sit at close of day..
And let one's thoughts wander...
To contemplate... that wondrous array..

Of happy, carefree hours remembered..
With kith an' kin.. some passed away..
Of wishin' we were grown..
Fun pals we recall.. surfin' yesterdays..

But bubbles burst.. and dreams..
an' childish hopes.. compete with reality..
We win, lose and compromise..
Patience wanes.. pursuits lose vitality..

Feelings forgotten.. since adolescence..
The trial an' error of parenting..
Independence, dependence.. retirement..
Then.. Memories ferreting...

Throw back the covers..of our years..
Blessing us..with zest and insights..
Some quite new.. but welcome..
As we reflect .. to warm our lonely nights..

To grant us strength to forage..
Seek, search and discover..
Dew-kissed morns.. and renewed energies..
An' happy thoughts.. like none other..

Thank God for memory..
It breaches the throes of time...
Enhancing life..providing respites..
Blessing we return... in silent mime. 

~ JRJ ~
©used with permission





April 4, 2001