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Simple Words 
For those of us who share this "net,"
And know the joy from friends we've met,
It just never ceases to amaze me
The caring we get from those we can't see.

We have come to know the words we send
Have the power to ease and troubles to mend,
With just simple words our lives we can share,
And we get the feeling that someone does care.
When our hearts are sad and filled with pain,
They "listen" to us and they never complain.
With just simple words they soothe our soul.
To take away our tears is their only goal.

And when it is days of happiness, we find,
They laugh and joke with words so kind.
With these dear friends we open our heart.
We can feel their touch though we're far apart.

Yes, just simple words with power so strong,
Simple words to cure whatever is wrong.
A never ending circle of friends, for sure.
As just simple words provide a love so pure.
Author Unknown







Original Artwork of Sandra Kuck
Used with written permission.