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"To Dance With Angels"

Have you ever seen an angel, or heard an angel sing,
Have you ever felt their presence or heard the ruffling of their wings?

Have you ever seen them dance at night when your fast asleep, 
Singing out their wonderful song in voices , oh so sweet?

Rejoicing in the heavens for nothing more than life,
Filling man with peace and love to help relieve his strife.

Some sing and play their harps and others simply dance,
Bringing peace to all mens hearts and serving them for life.

They come to guide the lost and fill their lonely  hearts, 
They do not question when or where but simply do their part.
And when they find a lonely heart filled with love  from within, 
This person might be asked if he would like to join in.

To dance the dance of angels is a joy beyond belief,
And fills the hearts of many with calm and relief.

So if asked to dance with angels open up your heart,
and allow these wonderful beings to do their vital part.

So dance the dance of angels let them fill your hearts with light, 
Sing their song and rejoice and let them help you ease your plight.

~ Author Unknown ~