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Friendship Poetry
From ~ Daily Reflections

Make This World A
Better Place......

Blessed are all those who make this world a better place to live.  Abraham Lincoln said once, "Die when I may, I would like it to be said of me that I always pulled up a weed and planted a flower when I thought a flower would grow."

In every one of us lies a conflict between good and evil.  We are tugged into many directions at once.  I think of the poem,

There are two natures in my breast,
One is foul, One is blessed.
One I love.  One I hate.
The one I feed will dominate.

Our highest task is to feed the motives which will bring peace and right relationships between man and man.  Thank God there are people in whose presence bitterness cannot live-people who bridge the gulf, heal the breaches, sweeten the bitterness.  Such people are doing God's work, for it is the great purpose of God to bring peace among all people.

Oh, the blessedness of that one who produces right relationships, for that one is doing God's work.

Taken From:
String Of Pearls
By Mary C. Crowley
Founder of Home Interiors & Gifts, Inc.



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